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mission statement

mission statement

At Canopy Records, our mission is to be an artist-driven record label that supports and fosters creativity across several genres of music. We provide our artists with a platform that allows them to fully express themselves and their unique styles while providing the resources they need to produce high-quality music that resonates with audiences. We pride ourselves on creating a diverse and inclusive community of musicians and music lovers who both share the same passion. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with our artists and helping them to reach their full potential. Driven by our dedication to excellence and creativity, we are building a unique boutique label in Canada. We have created a nurturing and supportive environment for our artists with the aim of becoming an industry leader and a force behind the creation of great music for years to come.

who we are

who we are

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Paul Koffman


From a young age, Paul grew up in a musical family. His father was an entertainment lawyer who played trumpet in the North York Symphony and his Uncle was Canadian jazz legend Moe Koffman. At nineteen, Paul signed a recording contract with A&M Records with his band Seven Minutes. They recorded their EP at Metalworks Studios and toured across Canada backing up bands such as April Wine, Platinum Blonde and Honeymoon Suite. 


Paul attended Humber College where he enrolled in the jazz program with a focus on composition and performance. After graduating, Paul began composing award-winning music for a number of the most successful children series on TV including; Kratt’s Creatures, Zoboomafoo, Donkey Kong Country, Wild Kratts’, and Julius Jr. He has written hundreds of songs for many television projects including Hasbro's PJ Masks' albums, 'Heroes Forever' and 'Power Up'. Paul has worked with indie filmmakers to create scores for both short and feature films including ‘My Brother’s Keeper’,A Very Country Christmas’ and ‘Hometown Holiday’.


Paul received a Gemini nomination for scoring CBC’s critically-acclaimed series ‘Our Hero’ and has been honoured multiple times for outstanding work in children’s television by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. In 2022, he was submitted for Grammy consideration for his work on the PJ Masks album, ‘Heroes Forever’ and Emmy consideration for his work on ‘Wild Kratts’.

Jeff Wright Recording Engineer Music Producer Canopy Records_edited.jpg
Jeff Wright


Jeff holds a Diploma in Audio Engineering and has worked in the recording industry for over two decades. Starting out as a drummer, Jeff made the transition to Producer/Engineer after recording and then touring around Canada.


Studying under famed Producer, Jack Richardson (who produced hits by Guess Who, Alice Cooper and Kiss), he began his career as an Assistant, gradually working his way up to become a highly respected Freelance Producer / Engineer.


Over the past 20 years, Jeff has recorded voices and music for television shows and movies, which have gone on to receive numerous Academy, Annecy, Gemini, CSA and Emmy awards. Some shows of note include MTV’s Undergrads, Angela Anaconda, Alicia Silverstone's BraceFace, Arthur, Esme and Roy, Franklin and Family Guy.


He has also directed actors for several webisodes, commercials and two seasons of Pirates for CBC. Along with his television work, Jeff has worked on several movies and was lead recording engineer on the open-road entertainment film, The Nut Job, which opened as the number one family movie in America. 


Jeff has also had the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s premier recording artists, including Jellystone, Kardinal, Dean Brody and the Breit Brothers on labels such as Warner, EMI and Sony.

what we do

Canopy Records is dedicated to producing and promoting great music of all genres. We work closely with our artists to fuel their creativity and bring their unique sound to a wider audience by way of streaming platforms, web applications and TV sync licensing.  Our team provides a range of services, including recording, production, distribution, and marketing, to help our artists succeed and reach their full potential. We are passionate about music and committed to supporting the artists we work with every step of the way!

we do



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